Plenary Assemblies

6th Plenary Assembly of Eurasia-Pacific Uninet

Informations concerning the 6th Plenary Assembly of Eurasia-Pacific Uninet, which will be held in the spring of 2019 in Vienna, will follow shortly.

5th Plenary Assembly of Eurasia-Pacific Uninet 

Date: September 16-20, 2015

Location: Billroth-House, Vienna Austria
Organizer: Eurasia-Pacific Uninet

Four preceding meetings have been held in China, so EPU considered it to be achallenge to invite the participants also to Austria. As a location the so-called Billroth-House, the official convention site of the Austrian Medical Association was chosen. Weconsidered it to be a chance to show the famous history of the so-called Viennese Schoolof Medicine.

Long preparations from the decision to all the announcements were necessary toachieve the final meeting. A cost effective and still attractive meeting was to be met.Announcements and information were released. For the numerous participants fromall our member countries invitations had to be issued. Sometimes lengthy processeswere required to get permissions for a leave from the home country. The help oftheAustrian authorities in Beijing for issuing the visas is highly appreciated.The administrative work was done by the head office in Vienna and the projectmanagers in China and Mongolia. Particular inputs came from the art section and themusic universities. Read more here.

4th Plenary Assembly of Eurasia-Pacific Uninet 

Date: October 26-28, 2012
Location: Fudan University Shanghai, China
Organizer: Eurasia-Pacific Uninet

Eurasia-Pacific Uninet is going to refund the airfare (Economy Class) or train fare as well as the accommodation costs for only one participant per member institution. However, of course we would be pleased to welcome more than one representative of your institution. Please note that the accommodation of all attendees at Grand Mercure Baolong Hotel (Shanghai) will be booked by EPU.

The main aim of this meeting is to discuss the further direction of cooperation of all partner institutions within EPU and to identify common fields of research for future projects and cooperation among the member institutions. In addition, the new member institutions of Eurasia-Pacific Uninet will be introduced to the plenary assembly. Furthermore, prospective members will get the opportunity to present their institution to the EPU-members at this occasion.