China Know-How 2017

 Peking University, Beijing, and Fudan University, Shanghai, PR China

August 18 to September 16, 2017

Application Deadline: June 10, 2017


China Know-How 2017: Introduction

Summer program in the People’s Republic of China organized by the China Studies Center of the University of Salzburg in cooperation with Eurasia-Pacific Uninet

For the 19th time, the Chinese Studies Center at the University of Salzburg in cooperation with the Eurasia-Pacific Uninet, under the chairmanship of Mag. Judith Suchanek, is organizing the scientific programs entitled "China Know-How - Modern China Studies for Scientists and Econmists" from August 18 - September 16, 2017 for students from Austrian/European universities or other institutions of higher education, as well as for employees of international companies.


China Know-How 2017 Poster


COURSE A: "Modern China Studies for Scientists and Economists"

This program focuses on topics such as Economics, Politics, Law, Environment, Culture and Cross-cultural Management in modern China. The units are conducted in English at the prestigious Fudan University and Peking University. In addition, seminars by experts and visits to joint-venture companies are included in this program.


Time Frame
1 group starting in Shanghai and ending in Beijing: August 18 - September 16, 2017


Please note that we are only able to issue information on successful applications after the closing date. All applications will be treated equally, independent of the date of submission. 


COURSE B: "Chinese Language and Cultural Studies"

This program focuses on acquiring and deepening knowledge of Chinese language and cultural skills at the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) and has been offered by Eurasia-Pacific Uninet till 2010.


Notice: China Know-How Course B is not being offered in 2017!

If you are interested to attend a Chinese language course in summer 2017 or at any time later please contact the Chinese Studies Centre of the University of Salzburg (mail to: and the Eurasia-Pacific Uninet (mail to: directly.




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